Recently, more and more young people who would like to make an original proposal to their soul mate are turning to our agency. Therefore, Stylish Wedding decided to launch a full-fledged direction with original romantic dates and confessions.
We are very glad that our men want to surprise their loved ones, do unexpected things for them, and are ready to involve specialists for this purpose who will not only be able to come up with unique ideas, but also take into account every little thing and detail so that your beloved says "Yes!" without hesitation.

After meeting with you and discussing the basic information that we need to prepare ideas, we develop individualized proposal options. We usually offer 3 alternatives, from which you choose the best one. Then we proceed to finalize and implement it.
The fact that we helped you organize the proposal will remain our little secret :).

How much does an original marriage proposal cost?
It is very difficult to derive a single cost for such a service, since the price largely depends on the client's expectations, and even the same idea can be implemented in completely different ways, and therefore will cost differently. To find out how much organization assistance can cost you, please contact us.

For more projects, please visit our website at

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Wedding cake, cupcakes, loaf, chocolate fountains, candy bar and much more will be offered by Stylish Wedding specifically for your wedding. In addition to helping you choose a wedding cake, we will make sure that it is delivered and served in the restaurant on time. We will also take care of the beautiful presentation of other sweet areas - a candy bar, a chocolate fountain, etc., because such sweets will allow guests to feel joy from the first minutes of your holiday.

Wedding cake. What it can be like
The appearance of the wedding cake can be chosen from the proposed catalog. There is also an option to create a cake sketch for your wedding or a full copy of the wedding cake from any provided photo, for example, downloaded from the Internet. It can be a multi-tiered classic wedding cake, with a small cake on top and portioned cupcakes or tarts below. Some couples prefer a cake a la homemade, without additional decorations, only natural products, berries and decor. The choice of cakes is quite wide, so it all depends on your wishes. In order to choose the taste of the cake, we will conduct a tasting for you and provide you with several flavors to choose from.

Candy bar
A candy bar is a sweet table that will not only give guests the opportunity to taste sweets throughout the evening, but will also complement the decor of your wedding, because all our candy bars are clearly designed in the color scheme and style of your wedding. The candy bar can be filled with exclusive sweets designed specifically for your wedding, as well as more common and less expensive sweets. The main thing is to choose and combine them correctly, choose beautiful dishes and decor for the candy bar.

How much does a wedding cake and candy bar cost?
First, you need to determine the required weight of the cake. The weight of the cake is calculated in grams per person. On average, it is about 150 g per serving. Multiply this figure by the number of servings and get the required weight of the cake. On average, one kilogram of cake costs about 1000 UAH. If special decor is planned, the cost may increase. The cost of a candy bar depends on the filling with sweets, their exclusivity, as well as additional decor and textiles. On average, it costs from 20,000 UAH.

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An offsite ceremony is not only a tribute to the fashion of recent years, but also a very good choice for the newlyweds. If you prefer an offsite ceremony, you won't feel like you're the only one among many brides at the registry office, you'll be able to plan your photo shoot and wedding walk more accurately, and you won't make your guests get bored while waiting for your turn. Also, the registry office takes a lot of time, usually at least an hour, and maybe more, plus additional time for transfer, which significantly cuts down on your wedding day, which you could have spent in a completely different way, for example, taking shots for a beautiful photo shoot. Therefore, our recommendation is to refuse from the registry office and organize an offsite ceremony at the location you like.

For many of our couples, we organize interesting offsite ceremonies, where we prescribe original words to the master of ceremonies that convey the story of our couple, prepare vows that are suitable for you, and we can also use elements of humor if you do not want an exceptionally touching ceremony. You also decide for yourself whether you want to use traditions at your wedding, what music you want to go out and hold the ceremony to, whether there will be a loaf, a towel, etc.

Decor for an outdoor ceremony
Since the outdoor ceremony is one of the key events of your wedding, which will be the focus of not only the attention of all guests, but also the lenses of photo and video cameras, it is very important to carefully think about the beautiful decor for the outdoor ceremony. Classic European in flowers, stylized for a specific theme or a ceremony using decorative elements in the form of textiles or paper decor - florists and decorators of Stylish Wedding are ready to create any stylish ceremony to your taste.
One of the latest trends in the decor of outdoor ceremonies is a departure from standard wedding arches towards more non-trivial solutions. Stylish Wedding will be able to suggest the best solutions for your outdoor ceremony, taking into account the chosen location and style, so that it becomes a very bright and tender beginning of the holiday.

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Gifts for guests at a wedding are a nice gesture of attention to the guests, which makes it clear that the newlyweds thought about everyone personally and are grateful to their friends and family for the opportunity to share the most important holiday for them.
We will make personalized chocolates to order, print a snapshot photo at the wedding, and surprise guests with other pleasant little things that will make them remember your wonderful, stylish wedding for a long time.
Gifts for guests can also be played up in an interesting way in the scenario. We will tell you about this during a personal meeting.

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Wedding printing - wedding invitations and a wedding book, banquet cards and menus, a seating chart and table numbers - are all important decorations for any wedding.
In addition to the informative component, printing also performs an aesthetic function. It's beautiful when all wedding printing is made in the same style and also resonates with the overall concept of your wedding.
We develop wedding printing individually for each couple.

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Many couples who have never had to organize a wedding before may decide that they don't need any technical equipment at their wedding because the restaurant has everything. In fact, this is rarely enough, as professional technical equipment often differs from restaurant karaoke not only in terms of the quality of the equipment itself, but also in terms of sound, video transmission, and control.

Only specialists will be able to assess the need for additional kilowatts or light at the chosen venue. If you don't want your guests to listen to every musical chord of live musicians or barely see the bright outfits of the performers, you should listen. Stylish wedding will provide technical equipment for a wedding of any scale and needs - light, sound, video, stage.

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You should be very scrupulous when choosing a wedding photographer and a wedding videographer, which you cannot skimp on, because photos and a wedding movie are what you will have after the wedding and will rekindle your memories again and again many years later. We are confident that among the specialists of our team you will be able to find the artistic style that will be close to you and that will capture the most beautiful moments of your holiday.

The wedding photographer and videographer will accompany you throughout the day, from the very morning when the bride starts getting ready until the end of the program, so in addition to their talent, you should feel comfortable with them.

What is an SDE wedding video?
This is a short video of 3-5 minutes, which our video operators will have time to shoot and edit on the same day, demonstrating on the wedding day. For example, it can be a short video from the registry office, which was not attended by many guests, and the demonstration of such a video will allow all guests to experience the exciting moment of the wedding and add the right atmosphere to your celebration. It can also be a video of your entire wedding day, which we will demonstrate at the end of the wedding. It can include the gathering, a walk that most guests did not see, your outdoor ceremony, as well as the highlights of the banquet and dancing.
Of course, it won't be as artistically edited as your final movie, but it will give you the opportunity to relive many of the moments that made you and your guests happy.  

How much does a photographer cost for a wedding and wedding video
Stylish Wedding works with a dozen professional photographers and videographers.

Prices of professional photographers start from 700 USD.
The cost of video recording of a full wedding day at Stylish Wedding ranges from 800 USD, depending on the skill of the master, whether the wedding is filmed with one camera or two. As a result, young people receive a short 3-5-minute video of your wedding day, as well as a long edited movie of 30-40 minutes on average.

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The coordinator's day starts even before the makeup artist and hairdresser arrive to make you look beautiful. From the very morning he/she is at the venue to control the correct placement of furniture, equipment and machinery, to supervise the decoration of the venue, to conduct sound checks with all the artists, to meet the artists and people involved at your event before the guests start to gather.
When your event starts, the event manager, like an orchestra conductor, will coordinate the entire celebration, completely unnoticed by you and your guests: work in tandem with the host, prepare the artists for the performance, interact with the administrator and waiters, call contractors and make payments. And in case of force majeure, he will promptly find ways to solve them without unnecessary fuss. He will make sure that you do not think for a minute about any organizational issues, but are full participants and spectators of your wedding.

A coordinator is simply an indispensable person at any wedding if you want everything to go smoothly and without failures according to the planned scenario.

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At the beginning of your wedding preparation, we select a restaurant or other location and work out its style. After that, we proceed to the development of the script.
It is in the process of developing the scenario, not before, that we will offer you a show program, understanding the potential of the venue, the necessary areas of entertainment in terms of style. Usually, each wedding is divided into 3 feasts. We recommend choosing a show program in such a way that each feast has at least one element of the show, so that guests are interested and the holiday does not seem monotonous, consisting exclusively of toasts and contests.

We welcome and recommend including unusual greetings from your friends, as well as your surprises for each other, which we will help you prepare and fit into the overall concept.

There are hundreds of options for artists of various genres - singers, bartender shows, magicians and micro-magicians, soap bubble shows, mimes, stilt walkers, dancers, live sculptures, life-size dolls, fire shows, drummers' shows and many others. Our agency will select exactly the program that will suit your taste and fit into your budget.

How we choose a show program
At the beginning of the preparation of your wedding, we select a restaurant or other location, work out its style. After that, we proceed to the development of the script. It is in the process of developing the scenario, not before, that we will offer you a show program, understanding the potential of the venue, the necessary areas of entertainment in terms of style.

Usually, each wedding is divided into 3 feasts. We recommend choosing a show program in such a way that each feast has at least one element of the show, so that guests are interested and the holiday does not seem monotonous, consisting exclusively of toasts and contests.
We welcome and recommend including unusual greetings from your friends, as well as your surprises for each other, which we will help you prepare and fit into the overall concept.

Why it is important to determine which guests will be at your celebration to create a program
After observing guests at weddings for a long time, we have come up with our own classification of guests, which will determine how they will behave at the wedding and what kind of entertainment they need. According to our observations, there are 3 types of guests: activists, passive guests, and passive activists. Activists are ready to participate in everything, go on stage and do almost everything they are asked to do. Passive guests like to watch everything from their seats, they will have fun and enjoy themselves in their comfort zone, but it is better not to involve them in contests and other activities. Passive activists, on the other hand, are ready to participate in any activity from their seats, but will not feel comfortable if they are pulled up on stage. Usually, all 3 types of guests are present at every wedding. After analyzing the proportion of guests to be represented at your celebration, you can better understand what kind of entertainment they need.

How much does a show program for a wedding cost?
The range of prices for a show program is quite wide, so we can choose a program for almost any budget.

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The atmosphere, mood, and drive of the holiday largely depend on what will be played throughout the evening. Therefore, in the process of preparing the program, special attention will be paid to the musical design of the holiday.  
Various musicians for a wedding - saxophonists, jazz bands, rock 'n' rollers, show business stars, DJs and others - we have a full base of various artists.
However, we should note that many people can hold a guitar, but good taste and the ability to light up any audience is a talent. Therefore, rely on us to choose those who can really light up the evening.

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From our own experience, we know that a wedding host can either become a wedding decoration, pulling out the most complicated celebrations and creating the right atmosphere, or completely ruin the most beautiful and well-organized celebration. To protect you from such a big risk, we recommend that you choose the main person for the celebration with great care and attention.
After all, often, having impressed clients at the first meeting, in fact, he or she turns out to be not so talented, and also cannot convey the necessary atmosphere. After working out the style of the celebration and understanding what type of host we need, we will offer you several options that have repeatedly won the hearts of newlyweds and their guests, and which will harmoniously fit into the style and mood of your holiday. Out of these candidates, whose work you will first evaluate based on the video and our characteristics, we recommend that you choose 2-3 options that you like the most to have a personal meeting with them. Only a personal meeting will be able to finally answer the most important question "Is this your wedding host". Having met not just one, but several, you will be able to feel the difference and immediately recognize your person.

What we recommend paying attention to
The first impression and business card of the host, of course, is his charisma, appearance and voice. Listen to your feelings and determine whether you like him at first sight, whether he will be pleasant to work with and during the evening, whether he will annoy you, even with some minor trifle.
At the meeting, he will talk about his experience, the brightest and most interesting moments at weddings. Perhaps he will tell you about some of his most popular contests. This will help you get a clearer impression of his work.
Our recommendation is to prepare a few tricky questions that will test how he behaves in a stressful situation. After all, you must admit that anything can happen at a wedding, and it is he who must quickly find what to say and how to correctly play out the embarrassment.
Usually, the hosts work according to the script we have written, and for their part, they make only minimal adjustments.

How much does it cost
The host is one of the key figures in any wedding, so we don't recommend saving on him under any circumstances. The cost of a professional starts at $1500. A specialist with more experience will cost $1500 to $2500. If you want to invite a media presenter to your celebration, it will be much more expensive.

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A wedding movie screening has a chance to become the highlight of the evening, especially if you decide not to invite artists and not to have a big entertainment program.

What is a love story?
A movie about the newlyweds, which we will shoot in advance, can tell about one of the days of your life together, unexpected confessions to each other, and much more. It can be either a fictional story or a reflection of real events. There are love stories that are shot like a beautiful music video, without dialogues, set to music. There are also those that use interviews, and you can talk about each other, about the first impression, the first date. You can also involve family and friends in the interview, who sometimes add color and unexpected vivid details to your story. Or we can make a fun and exciting production with you and your friends. It all depends on your wishes and our common ideas.

Why we recommend making a love story
Because a wedding is one of the most grandiose occasions in life for which you are going to make a movie about you and your love. Then, most likely, there will be amateur filming with children and travel reports. A good love story is more relevant now than ever. After all, it is during this period that you are at the very peak of your feelings! Your guests will be happy to watch a beautiful story about you.

How much does a lovestory cost?
Shooting a professional lovestory starts at $800. If the video shoot takes several days, has several locations, and involves a large team of screenwriters, cameramen, makeup artists, lighting, and decorators, the amount increases. If you have a limited budget, you can choose a scenario that will not have a complicated implementation, which will significantly reduce the cost of filming.
In addition to video love story, we can create a photo love story, taken in advance. In addition to beautiful pictures that can be used in the wedding decor and replenish your home photo archive, we will create a photo clip of the best photos of your photo shoot, set to music and show them to the guests at the wedding.

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Makeup and wedding hairstyle
A large portfolio, many awards, participation in international projects, and most importantly, beautiful and satisfied brides - all this is our talented team. It's worth remembering that a wedding makeup artist and wedding hairdresser are different from specialists who prepare you for a simple evening out. At any party, you usually spend only a few hours, while at a wedding, your makeup and hairstyle should last from early morning until late at night, and look equally good, as well as not cause you discomfort. And not every specialist can achieve this. Unfortunately, it often happens that the bride looks great in the morning, and in the evening, by the most crucial moment when all the guests meet the newlyweds, after a few hours of photo shoots, traveling, etc., her hair starts to fall apart, her makeup looks stale.

How much does a wedding makeup artist, wedding hairdresser cost?
The cost of makeup and hairstyling in our agency starts from 4000 UAH. We can provide a portfolio of each of our specialists during a personal meeting.

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Wedding decor and floristry - why it matters
This is what distinguishes a wedding 20 years ago from those chic weddings with beautiful floristry that we admire not only in movies, but also when watching photo and video reports of Ukrainian weddings.
Can you really give up on stunning floral arrangements and decor that will make your celebration unsurpassed on the most important day of your life? Wedding bouquets, flower arches and other more modern solutions for decorating the ceremony area, presidium, flower arrangements for tables, photo zones and decorating special areas will be created in accordance with the style of your wedding by a team of our professional florists and decorators.

When a wedding florist and decorator starts their work
Usually, the work of our decorators begins after choosing a location, after which we meet at the venue and jointly think over the decoration of all the necessary areas of your holiday. Sometimes young people already have a certain idea of how they see their holiday, perhaps they want something they have seen before and will tell our team about it. But most often, couples are waiting for ideas and suggestions from us. To make it easier for you to decide on your preferences, the decorators will show you their work, different design styles, color schemes, and give you their recommendations for the hall and other locations.

How much does wedding decor and floristry cost?
This cost item includes several items: creating a wedding bouquet, decorating a wedding hall or any other venue where the banquet will take place, decorating an offsite ceremony, as well as decorating other areas, such as photo zones, candy bars, recreation areas, interactive zones.
The minimum cost of decorating in our agency is from $2500. These are basic decorative elements for a small wedding. The maximum cost has virtually no clear boundaries, and sometimes the cost of decorating one wedding can be equal to the total budget of another wedding, taking into account all the items. It all depends on your wishes and capabilities.
We work only with a proven team of florists and decorators, in the result of which we are confident, and for whose work we will definitely not be ashamed.

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Banquet hall for a wedding - at what stage of preparation should you choose it?
Once we have decided on the style of the wedding, we will start looking for a venue for your celebration. It can be a banquet hall, a country mansion, a yacht, or even an open terrace on the lake - we will help you choose the option that will be close to you. It is important to remember that this point is the starting point for creating your holiday as a whole. Everything that will be created and invented further - the script, the show program, the development of the decor and all the necessary details - is very closely tied to the chosen venue, so you need to decide where the holiday will take place first. Another important nuance worth paying attention to is that during the wedding season, the best halls and other special locations are sold out very quickly, as many people plan their celebration in advance.

Which wedding venue is right for you
Our agency has a large database of venues, both restaurants in Kyiv and outside of it with picturesque landscapes, and also has a selection of unusual places. After we discuss your main wishes regarding the venue, we will make a selection of locations specifically for you that meet your criteria. In this selection, you will be able to view the cost, photos and descriptions of restaurants, get acquainted with the pros and cons of each location, which we have formulated based on our experience of holding more than one event in this place and an objective, unbiased assessment.

How much does a restaurant or other location cost for your wedding?
The basic cost starts from 1500 UAH per person and can go up to 5000 UAH. Some restaurants charge a minimum price for renting a hall, which includes a banquet menu. If the wedding is not held in a banquet hall or you need to use an additional location of the restaurant, for example, for an outdoor ceremony - a lawn, terrace, pontoon, etc., you should keep in mind that you may be charged an additional fee for renting the territory.
If your celebration is not held in a restaurant, but, for example, in a private house or other location without a professional kitchen, then in addition to renting the location, you should also consider the catering service, which will be at least 1800 UAH per person, furniture, textiles, etc.

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Our weddings are handmade celebrations, not a flow of events put on a conveyor belt, and we approach each of them with special love. Creating exclusive celebrations is our mission and a distinctive feature from other organizers.
Preparation of an exclusive script is one of the key elements of your holiday, which specifies everything - the peculiarities of meeting guests and the exit ceremony, chips from the host and performances by artists, a competition program and all kinds of surprises, musical breaks, etc. We do not use template scenarios downloaded from the Internet, because we believe that each couple, and, accordingly, their holiday, is unique and requires an exclusively individual approach. We also understand that you will be invited to other events in the future, so it is important that your wedding remains exclusive for you and your guests.

At the beginning of our work together, you fill out a questionnaire to help us get to know you better. We also spend a lot of time getting to know you better and understanding how your couple lives, what they are passionate about, what they are on fire for, and what can later become the main focus of your celebration. It is very important to feel the relationship within the couple in order to convey it as much as possible at the wedding. We also understand what kind of gimmicks or unusual elements you could offer. A professional host who suits your energy, performers' numbers, music selection, and contests - all of this needs to be chosen correctly.

Recently, we also increasingly offer our couples to prepare surprises for each other, because it is so touching for the other half and adds sincerity to the whole holiday. And sometimes friends of the bride and groom prepare such surprises. And we help them in every way possible to make something really bright out of such a greeting. It's great if such a surprise becomes part of the program.
We work out all the ideas individually for each couple, so we will tell you more and in more detail at a personal meeting.

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To make your celebration not just a "feast" but a real work of art, we will work together to develop the style of your wedding. There are many different styles - from classic European to weddings with character, such as rustic or boho. To make your day about you, tell us about your dreams and expectations, and together we will create a unique celebration that you and your guests will remember for a long time.
We are convinced that a wedding is not just an interesting scenario and beautiful decor, it is a unique atmosphere and mood that we create for you and your guests from the first minutes of the celebration and that will not leave you until the end of the celebration. To create such an event, you need to think through everything to the smallest detail. The aftertaste of such an event remains in the memory of all those present for a long time.

Wedding style. How do we develop it?
Style development is a whole process that can take several weeks. At the beginning of our work, you fill out a questionnaire in which you answer many of the key questions for us, and which gives us a clearer picture of you. Everything is important here - your favorite colors and flowers, your hobbies and worldview, your favorite books, movies, music, but most importantly, the relationship within your couple. Usually, after several meetings, we manage to catch your vibes and capture the aura of your couple at the event.

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We have assembled a team in which everyone is a high-level specialist, providing quality services. Together with the team, we create beautiful and original holidays and guarantee that your most important day will be flawless!
Each of the team members not only proved to be a professional in working on our projects, but also demonstrated the qualities that we believe are as valuable as professionalism - honesty, reliability, responsibility and punctuality.
Organizing a wedding with such a team allows us to create events that are admired by young people and their guests. After all, we understand that you will not have a second chance to do something differently on this special day.

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Wedding organization is our element. Whether it's a classic European or original Tiffany style, nautical or vintage, Greek or Ukrainian, the main thing is that every detail, from the bride's bouquet to the music chosen, harmoniously emphasizes the sophistication of your celebration.
We don't make template events with the same scenario, as is often the case, so we understand that you will want a special personality. We create each such celebration unique, unlike any other, conveying the inner world of the couple: interests, hobbies, mood and relationships of the young. Guests will feel and recognize you at your celebration. And this is our main advantage.

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When you start preparing for your most important day, remember that there are no trifles, every detail is an integral element of wedding organization that should be carefully considered.

But how not to get confused in the multitude of services and offers? How to organize a wedding correctly? How do you recognize your florist, photographer, and host?
Who to entrust with writing the original script? How to combine everything together and be sure that you will get a holistic, fun, beautiful holiday without any hiccups and flaws, that everything will be on time and you won't have to run after anyone? Contact a professional wedding agency with many years of experience.

I have been organizing weddings for 11 years.

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